Application Process

The MTCC application process varies dependent on the position applied for; However, the following process applies when applying to become a System Status Controller (SSC), and will be similar for other positions.

  1. Application & Pre-screening — While the MTCC accepts applications at all times, applications for a specific posting will be accepted during the time period provided. Applications received between posting will be reviewed at this time as well.
  2. Information Session — Applicants may be invited to attend an information session. This provides an up close look at the MTCC. This step may occur in conjunction with step 3.
  3. Testing — Applicants may be invited to complete Aptitude tests. These tests combined will take up to three hours to complete.
  4. Interview — Applicants may be invited for an interview. This is a panel-based interview, using structured questioning that scores applicants based on their knowledge and experience.
  5. Reference Checks / Offer of Employment — Following the interview, applicant’s references will be checked. Qualified applicants may be offered employment. Applicants offered employment will be required to provide proof of Criminal Record Check and Child/Adult Abuse Registry Check upon hire, along with proof of CPR level “C” or higher.

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This page last updated: December 23, 2015